Podlipska Valeriia IUrevna

Podlipska Valeriia IUrevna


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My sister Lera and niece Nastyusha died. Forty days for my girls. They were killed, and I escaped like a rat from a sinking ship to St. Petersburg to my relatives … Two days ago I read the militia reports in Gorlovka about the dead (I often watch them, I don’t know why …), Lord !!! I found my sister among them (posthumous photos are taken by the Ministry of Emergencies in the morgue for statistics), even the inscription on the tag Podlipskaya Valeria Yuryevna is visible on the pen. I recognized my native Lerochka in this mutilated little body …

So God wanted it so that I could find her, my blood! In what torment and from what wounds she died, our grandmother was next to her, says all this time (15min) Lerochka was conscious. How is this possible !! My roof goes, every day Lerka and Nastya are in front of my eyes … Good people, what is it, how is it like that, and together we grew up …