Efremov Dmytro Serhiyovych

Born: Знам'янка, Кіровоградська область
Lived:  вулиця Карла Маркса, Велика Знам'янка
Died:  Авдіївка, Донецька область
Buried:  Знам'янка, Кіровоградська область

His last minutes of life
May 22, 2016, died in the afternoon during a mortar shelling of the Avdiivka industrial area.

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The life story

He was born in 1985 in the city of Znamianka (Kirovograd region), studied at the Znamyansky secondary school No. 4. He participated in the People's amateur ensemble of Ukrainian song and dance "Barvinok", a dance group.

He worked as a regular at the Trepivka station, from May 2015 - Deputy Chief of the Chornoliska station, production unit of the "Znamensk Railway Directorate of the Regional Branch" Odessa Railway "."


(укр) Орден «За мужність» III ступеня


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