Geisun Igor Vladimirovich

Geisun Igor Vladimirovich


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Igor Haysun was born in Derazhnya in Khmelnytskyi. He grew up in a large family, where in addition to his eldest Igor there were two brothers and a sister. The family lost their mother early. Igor studied at Derazhnyansky school № 2. He graduated from Derazhnyansky professional agrarian lyceum in the specialty "tractor-machinist", also had a specialty of driver, electric gas cooker 2 years, master of agricultural production. Passed conscript service in the Simferopol Separate Brigade of the Internal Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. He worked as a logger in the Vovkovynetsky forestry of SE “Letychiv Forestry”, a security guard at firms “Nasha Sphere”, PE “Legion”, “Sopor”. Since 2007, he began his service in law enforcement agencies, served in the Berkut rapid response militia unit of the Khmelnytsky region. He graduated from the National Academy of Internal Affairs in law and received a law degree. He worked as an investigator of the criminal investigation department of Derazhnyany district police department. He retired from the police in the rank of senior lieutenant. In recent years he lived with his family in the village of Novostroyivka, Derazhnyansky district. Igor had a dream – to grow a large garden on 2-3 hectares of land, he managed to plant 24 fruit trees on his own.