Gliuz Marina Aleksandrovna
  passed away at 29 years old

CHarkas Andrei Stepanovich
  passed away at 38 years old

He died before midnight on September 15, 2014 in a battle with Russian terrorists who began to break out of the environment near Debaltsev - from directly hitting a bullet of a large-caliber machine gun when he ran behind the bullets, a few meters from the dugout.

Golubovskii Dmitrii Stepanovich
  passed away at 48 years old

Killed on September 15, 2014 in the village of. Granitnoye, Volnovaksky district, Donetsk region as a result of ambush from ambush when returning to the unit by car after evacuation of the wounded.

Matyushkina Tatyana Sergeevna
  passed away at 24 years old

On that day, September 15, 2014, there was a strong battle in the village of Dawn near Kirov. Many of the militias lay down. Tatyana's Matyushkina also died. A fragmental wound incompatible with life.

Vechorkin Denis Gennadevich
  passed away at 19 years old

Ustich Vitalij Vitalevich
  passed away at 20 years old

Pavlov Svyatoslav YUrevich
  passed away at 21 years old