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Victims of war on the territory of Ukraine

The Memory Book is the first and probably the only project that collects information piece by piece about the value of every life that was taken by the war on the territory of Ukraine, starting in 2014. The losses are huge, both on the scale of cities, regions, countries and the whole world in general, and the main goal is to convey the essence of this difficult lesson to the world community.

Every life is priceless, loss is irreplaceable, pain is inextinguishable, but memory is eternal and flame of hope burns in our hearts - and may this flame last forever, so that blood is never shed again!

Victims of war

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According to the processed data, for May 2023 there is information about the death of 247

Of them combatants: 206 | civilians: 41

women: 17 | men 230 | children 3

For detailed information about those who died in the war on the territory of Ukraine this month follow the link

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